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Creating safe work environments with the best performance for companies to increase their benefits.

We have a catalogue of more than 35 products and growing. Grouped in the four pillars of digitization.



Protect yourself against unwanted access, keep your information safe.



Facilitate the communication of your employees, optimize general business processes.



Increase the productivity of departments, automate repetitive tasks.



Know everything that happens in your company, analyze the use and work data.


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Veeam partnership

Empower your Business with a Solution That Drives Rapid Digital Transformation​.

For many businesses, the path to digital transformation is not without challenges: from skills gaps to security, to data migration and performance concerns. Embracing a modern data protection solution that Cloud Data Management provides, unblocks potential challenges and delivers the results your company needs to succeed.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power automatice allows you to automate workflows between applications.

You can use Flow to connect messages via instant messaging and email, synchronize files between applications, copy files from one service to another, collect data from one service in one application and store it in another and much more.

New partnership system

We already have our new partnership model ready for collaborations with IT consulting companies.

We offer many advantageous services for your company. We speak?

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We are the first company specialized in creating Intranets over Microsoft Office 365 platform.

For this we have a complete set of applications that cover the basic and essential business processes of any company.

We bring new technologies to your business to improve productivity, control and security of information.

Why Intranets?

80% of the information that is used daily to perform the work is not in the transactional systems of the companies.

It is estimated that an average employees consume between 25% and 30% of their time searching for information. This means that companies lose 30% of monthly money corresponding to the cost of their employees, added to the lost profit derived from this unproductive time in which the employees do not generate value for the company.

Why SharePoint?

Sharepoint, included in the Office 365 business productivity plans, is Microsoft's tool that improves the document management of a company with the creation of intranets, extranets, collaborative environments ...

With SharePoint you can access all kinds of information in the employee's portal in real time and from any device.

New products

We have just finished two new Apps as part of our roadmap of solutions.

Do not miss our light CRM. It offers total control of your sales and purchases. Direct access / modification of warehouse stock. Statistics and reports.

Do not miss our Fileboard. An easy way to protect and classify documents with 3 levels of folders. Custom levels of access to each folder. Version control. Fully connectable with OneDrive.


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Personalized styles for your KoareTech Software

Microsoft Power Platform

Flows, Forms, connectors, PowerApps, Power BI etc. Ready to integrate over our Apps and complement them.

Project Manager

Full control over life of a Project with different types of tasks and phases. Includes versioning of all documents, reporting, statistics, security per project and phase, communication between departments, follow up of the project process and more. Controls documents versions. Tasks dependencies and relationship. Approval system for management. Fast monitoring of the project status at any stage.

Advanced Documental Manager

Creates custom workflows per document. Advanced search. Personalized levels of access to each document and approval system. Control of document´s versions. Helps to keep all documents secured and perfectly organized.


An easy way to secure and classify documents with 3 levels of folders. Personalized levels of access to each folder. Versions control. Fully connectable with OneDrive.

CRM light

Offers a full control of your sales and purchases. Direct access/modification of warehouse stock. Statistics and reporting.

Vacations Manager

Centralized system for all employees to get permissions for absences (vacations, sick leaves, national days, etc) with workflow of approval of one level. Prevents overlaps of absences.

Expenses Manager

Facilitates the communication of expenses between the employee, manager and administration with workflow of approval of two levels.

Digital Sign

Digital sign of PDF files.

Web services ISAPI

Web services layer to connect to external systems or consume information anonymously. Requires customization.

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Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operations, technology, digital, advanced, analytics and sustainability. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.
We guarantee the security of your systems with our experts and we analyze your business to define and optimize it.
We offer a wide range of courses in the latest technologies, both face-to-face and online. Workshops, master class, conferences so that your team is always up to date.
We develop any solution or integration that your business needs, adapting our solutions or creating them from scratch.


Change what we have as you need.

What we already give you
  • Three levels of segregation in the data
  • High level of configuration for all our Apps
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-dispositive & responsive solution
  • 100% on Cloud and 100% accessible from Internet
  • Customization of all styles to adapt to your brand
Customized solutions
  • Meets your requirements and needs
  • Custom design
  • Extended functions of all packages
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Migrations from the old software to new software
  • Integration and communication with another software

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